Thursday, August 11, 2011

New hijab Styles

Hey guys so i recently discovered two new hijab styles  one from Shea and the other from Suchi and i must say i have tried one of them and im loving it! 

I hate pinning under the chin because it leaves marks ( i pin tightly ) and It makes my chin look fat ( yes i'm superficial  :-D ) So when I came across "The Shea Scarf" i had to try it. 

Shea from My Amethyst put up her hijab tutorial and I wore it with a long pashmina and OMG, it was light, flowy stayed in place, no mishaps and I loved how I felt in it. It just gives you flare. Here she is with her style. Go check out her how to Shea Scarf  video. 

The other one is the Turban scarf, this is more trendy/ for special occasions weddings formal events etc. I haven't tried this one but ill update u guys when i do. Its a bold statement kinda scarf. Plus i gotta figure out the neck coverage. So here's Suchi's tutorial and the link to her website. 


  1. glad it worked out really well for you dear! :)
    thanks for all the love and support!



  2. I watched Shea'ss and its so much easier than I thought!! Im definitely trying this out. And Im not a fan of the other one at all, but to each this own :)


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