Wednesday, August 17, 2011

be kind to thy neighbour..

Ok got the idea from some facebook friends and then my husband found this super cool website about how this Eid you can extend a gift to your neighbor and help them understand that your not some weirdo who wears a towel on her head and lives across the street/hall whatever.

Farah from has shared what she wrote on her card. 

Thanks for being a great neighbor!
Here is a small sweet treat for being a great neighbor. Our religion of Islam holds the neighbor in a special status. The following is a saying of the Prophet Muhammad regarding neighbors…
“The finest in the sight of God is the person who is best to his friends. And the finest in the sight of God is the person who is best to his neighbor.”
Enjoy the baklava!
Your neighbors,
Farah, Ahmed, & Isra
                                                                      Apt #206

I think this is such a great idea to help promote some peace out there, especially where there are tons of people giving Muslims a bad name and also spreading hate. Some guidelines that seem to be popular:

-give something packaged and sealed than baked.
-add a card or explanation.
-go in the morning/afternoon than evening.

This is sure to promote some great dialogue and act as an icebreaker especially if you haven't interacted with your neighbor before .

so what do u guys think ? what other ideas do we have for gifts?


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