Friday, July 22, 2011


Some amazing looks I was inspired by was these simple jersey hijabs look by these awesome ladies!!I found this pic on The Hijab Diaries by Aishah Amin . I love her blog, its so cool and I get inspired by the different looks these sisters wear in their photoshoots!
looking at them I'm considering buying the snood at Maysaa website. Its 20 bucks but I dono how much shipping is gonna be cause its traveling quite far..hmm
So why buy when u can make right..Im gonna try my hand at making one for myself :) maybe just the neck portion not the head.
I found the right stretchy cloth its a black navy blue color.
and the instructions I found on  sewing the sample they have online are pretty much usable.

so lets see how this project goes. Unfortunately I think ill start working on it on Monday cause were going to a wedding this weekend...

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