Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Neck extension

yay! so finally i made my neck extension!! and it looks fabulously cute! it gives you complete coverage! now finally you can wear lacy or deep neck lines with full coverage! 

Here it is:

I made the the shoulders a bit wide cause I wanted that full coverage aspect but honestly you can make it as large as you want.

Here's how I made it: 
you will need two measurements:
  • from the top of your neck to the bottom.
  • from the end of your neck to the end of your shoulder.

if you don't have tape etc to measure:
just use an old t-shirt or turtleneck to measure out your cloth.

So I used half a yard cloth, it works with stretchy cloth cause the turtle neck stays up else it kinda collapses. 

Step 1: Fold the cloth in half, and draw out a small neck line (red line). Cut out the bottom equal tot he measurement from your neck top to bottom. Mine was 5 inches leave one extra inch. Making it 6 inches. 

Step 2: hand stitch or using a machine stitch a straight line measuring from your neck to the shoulder mine was 11 inches.

Step 3: Stitch out the three sides of the bottom cloth on the wrong side. Pull out to the right side on the opening shown by the arrow.stitch the opening shut. You should have a circular band.
Step 4: Attach at the neck line by pinning the collar to the neck opening. 
Step 5 : try on your neck extension, tighten the turtleneck portion as necessary. make sure not to tighten it to the point where it wont go through your head. 
Finished!!! :

Please share your ideas or how to improve this procedure :)

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