Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yoga style jersey skirt..

Here's a tutorial for a jersey skirt with yoga style waist. I made it for my sister in law, and i love how it looks, plus it was very simple and these simple instructions from make it -love it were so clear and elaborate. 

First you need a 1.5 yard cloth. Cut around 13 inches wide strip. the length of the strip should be the length of our waist minus a few inches. pin it and check. it should be snug. Also you may want a wider waist yoga thingie , but i liked 13 inches. remember to sew it on the ends to make it a double layered waist band. 

Using the rest of the cloth cut two triangles off the side to make a skirt like shape, to make it simple just place a skirt you already have on top of the skirt and cut out an A line shape.  Pin it and Sew it.
 Sew the band to the skirt. I dislike gathering because it makes my backside look big so i kept it straight.... i think it looks sleeker and better! 
i still have to hem the bottom but im not sure you have to it looks pretty clean as it is... and voila a pretty little comfi skirt...

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